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Madeleine has created music in diverse genres and is involved with different bands based in Boorloo (Perth).  She has launched her own compositions on her debut solo album titled 'Sol'. Listen to some of the recordings here.



Madeleine's debut solo album 'Sol' features originals written by Madeleine Antoine during the Covid-19 lockdown, when she was experimenting with electronics. What surfaced is at once ambient, experimental, folk and classical.


'Sol' is available now on vinyl and as an electronic download via Stock Records. 


Arvo Pärt: Fratres

Fratres (“brothers”) is a classic work of late 20th century minimalism, which typifies Pärt’s “tintinabuli” style, combining austere modal counterpoint and chant-like melodies into an idiosyncratic minimalist idiom. "Like a number of Pärt’s works, it is a piece of almost unbearable beauty and sublime stillness, reflecting its composer’s spiritual mysticism.” –Armando Bayolo

released September 13, 2019
Violinist Madeleine Antoine and pianist Tara John.
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Elliot Smith at Sundown Studios.
Photo by Rolands Varsbergs on Unsplash.

all rights reserved

Elegy for a Burning World

'Elegy for a Burning World' is a sorrowful lamentation on solo violin for the World, amidst the global climate emergency which is leading to the mass extinction of precious species and habitat.

Released November 6, 2020
Composed and performed by Madeleine Antoine.
Recorded, mixed and mastered at Hopping Mouse Studios by Stu McLaughlan and David Pensabene.


For Caitlyn

Commissioned by C Davidson, 7/7/20

Composed/performed by Madeleine Antoine

released July 7, 2020
Recorded/mixed/mastered at Hopping Mouse Studios by Stu McLaughlan and David Pensabene

The Dying Sun

The Dying Sun depicts the natural environment as precious and rare. It is an homage to the land, made all the more important because of our knowledge of the frailty of wilderness and the rapidity with which the environment is diminishing.

The 1st movement Blood, meaning ‘lifeblood’, is in reference to the sun. It is mostly slow and gestural, and explores images of a wide expanse of land over the course of the day. The sun rises and the sun dies. The movement explores the detail which can be created out of a single note through the expression and texture.

The 2nd movement Milk depicts the vast Milky Way constellation.

The 3rd, Nectar, refers to the canola fields, the rustling harmonic sounds evoking the movement of wildflowers and insects.

The final movement Salt explores the coastal area at Sugarloaf Rock - a large natural granite island rising dramatically out of the ocean near Cape Naturaliste in the south west.

The Dying Sun was released by Move Records, and is available as a CD.

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